Somaliland Travel Agency

Somaliland Travel Agency welcomes you to Africa’s secret travel destination. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten track Somaliland is one of a kind destination. It is an unique and authentic destination with a charming population seeking for recognition.

Dive into an adventure and visit Las Geel Neolithic cave paintings. Considered to be the most significant rock painting site in Africa. An UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE potential. Discover the untouched beaches of Berbera and old ruins. Get to know the Somali culture and tradition by visiting nomadic tribes and many more.

Be one of the few adventurers to set foot onto this beacon of stability in the Horn of Africa. Be prepared to be welcomed by curious local people who are suprised to see a traveler in this part of the world.

We are happy to guide you in exploring the hidden treasuries in this region. Our main goal is to promote Somaliland as a tourism destination while closely working with The Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

We are the number one travel agency and offer a wide range of tours to give you the best possible experience. A reliable partner in an unrecognized country.  More about us

Why Choose Somaliland Travel

  • We have many years of experience and knowledge of Somaliland and the region
  • We offer affordable Tailor-Made tours to suit your needs
  • Your safety and comfort are our highest priority
  • We only select the best hotels with free Wi-Fi
  • All our tours are with English speaking guides
  • We have Offices in Somaliland and The Netherlands and comply with European Legislation.