Giving back

At Somaliland Travel Agency we believe in sustainable tourism and supporting local communities. Especially in the developing countries where we operate. Due to the unrecognized status of Somaliland, limited foreign exchange is coming into the country. Tourism can bring the much-needed currency to the local people.

Our tours are aimed to directly benefit the local people and communities. Everything that we use during the tours is owned by locals. From the accommodation, restaurants to everything else needed to facilitate the tours.

As a tour operator we understand that we unfortunately can’t always control where money goes. We create itineraries while keeping safety, hygiene, interest and comfort in mind. We listen to our clients and try to come up with the tour they want.

There are also many locals who are not reached by tourism. Whether this concerns women, certain minorities or remoted local communities. Simple fact is that jobs and wealth created by tourism, is not equally divided within the population.

In order to make an impact we have partnered with organizations/charities that share our values. Our focus is mainly on women as they are the backbone of the family. From our experience we know that money earned by men not always ends up where it is most needed. Especially in this region where the drug khat is chewed by many (primarily) men.


Here you can read about some of the social initiatives that we currently are undertaking.

  1. Support local Women in Somaliland to establish businesses.
  2. Sponsor multiple Women Sport Teams in Somaliland.
  3. Sponsor Water Projects – Building Water wells.

Supporting local women

Digging Water Well Projects

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