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Find here the latest Somaliland and Djibouti Visa Information. You can use our Visa Requirements Tool to see if you need a travel visa. In addition, you can find the needed information and documentation.

General requirement:

Your passport or travel document must be valid for at least 6 months after your date of departure.

You must be able to demonstrate the purpose of your stay to customs and immigration officials.

You need to leave the country before the expiration of your visa or extend your visa.

Somaliland visa process

Whether you can enter Somaliland without visa pre-arrangements depends on your nationality.

  1. If our Visa Requirements Tool tells that you can get your visa on arrival without any pre-arrangements, then you can get it at The Airport/Border after paying the visa cost fee + tax of $60 USD.
  2. If our Visa Requirements Tool tells that you need to pre-arrange your visa on arrival, follow the next steps:
    • a. Download and fill out Visa application Form.
    • b. Send the completed Visa Application Form along with your passport scan to us by e-mail.
    • c. In case you have a confirmed tour with us and need assistance, please contact us.
    • d. After receiving all needed documents from you, we will apply for the visa on arrival.
    • e. Once it has been approved, we will send you the Visa Confirmation Letter.
    • f. You will need to print this letter and show it at The Airport/Border to get your visa on arrival.
    • g. Pay the visa cost fee + tax of $60 USD at The Airport/Border
    • h. Welcome to Somaliland!

Note: Recently we have experienced that The Somaliland Immigration Department in some cases is asking foreign travellers for a Sponsor Invitation Letter. As a precaution, we provide this Sponsor Invitation Letter to all our clients which indicates that we will be taking care them.

Djibouti visa process

  1. If our Visa Requirements Tool tells that you require an e-Visa, follow the next steps:
    • a. For applying, please visit https://www.evisa.gouv.dj/
    • b. Submit the application online with all the needed documents.
    • c. In case you need assistance during the process, please contact us.
    • d. We can only provide a Djibouti Invitation Letter if you have a confirmed tour with us.
    • e. Receive your e-Visa within a couple of working days.


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