Travel Tips

By Plane

There are a few airlines that fly to and out of Somaliland. FlyDubai, African Express Airways, Daallo Airlines, Ethiopian Airline, Air Djibouti and Jubba Airways. Note that there are usually no daily flights, so keep that in mind when booking the ticket. Remember to re-confirm all flights seven days in advance or your ticket can be sold to someone else. Somali carriers are also known for changing the departure time regularly.

By road

Somaliland can be entered by road through its neighbor countries Ethiopia and Djibouti. It can take some time since not all roads are good by western standards. From Djibouti there are every day shared taxi’s that go to the capital Hargeisa. If you want to go from Somaliland to Ethiopia we advise to arrange the Ethiopian visa in advance.


There is a bus service in Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera and Borama. There are also services between the major towns and adjacent villages operated by different types of vehicles such as 4 wheel drives and light goods vehicles (LGV).


There are many hotels in Somaliland in the big cities. The standards are usually good with access to internet, hot water and television. English is widely spoken by the staff. We advise to book in advance if you want to come during the summer holidays. For our tours we only select the best hotels.

Drinking water

Even though local Somalilanders drink tap water we advise tourists to drink only bottled water. Make sure to say NO to ice blocks in your drinks in general.

When to visit

The most pleasant time is to travel in the winter from November to March. The maximum temperature is around 25 C. The temperature tends to be higher during the Summer. During Summer you will see many Diaspora people returning to the country.

Money and budgeting

The local currency is the Somaliland shilling but you can pay with US dollars. No credit cards or travelers cheques are accepted. Bring enough cash with you to fund your trips.

Internet and Communication

Somaliland has good internet and mobile services. In most hotels you will find Wi-Fi and international phone calls are cheaper than most African countries.

Dress code in Somaliland

Somaliland is a Muslim country and too revealing dressing is inappropriate.

Taking pictures

It’s polite to ask permission before filming or taking a picture.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages of all kinds are illegal and will be confiscated. Please don’t bring it.

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