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You can completely customize your tour in order to suit your needs. Tell us what you want and we’ll arrange it if possible. Whether you want to do a nomadic , adventure, culture tour or just city seeing, we’ll come up with an itinerary that you like. Use our brochure to get information and inspiration. Start planning your tour and contact us for quotation.

Laas Geel

The number one tourist attraction in Somaliland. Ancient Cave Paintings Las Geel is probably the most significant Neolithic rock painting site in the whole of Africa. These ancient caves have been recently discovered by the outside world. The vibrant colorful paintings are remarkably well-preserved and are believed to be one of the oldest in Africa dating back between five and 11.000 years. The caves contain images of humans worshipping cattle. Other images such as cows, dog, wild antelopes and giraffe can also be found. It’s just a matter of time before Las Geel becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just outside Hargeisa it can be best done with a tour in Hargeisa.

Berbera Coastline

Berbera City is the third biggest city in Somaliland and is the main commercial seaport of the country. Berbera is among locals known for its delicious seafood dishes. Besides the port, coral reefs and beaches ancient architecture can be found throughout the city. A great place to relax and enjoy old architecture. It can be best combined with Hargeisa and Las Geel. Unspoiled and untouched beaches stretch out from Berbera where you can stretch and chill out.

Daallo Forest & Mountains

If you have enough time to explore Somaliland then Daallo Mountains should be part of the tour. Daallo is the green paradise of Somaliland with its 60-miles-long thick forest. It’s located near the town of Erigavo, in the middle of the Sanaag region in the North-eastern Somaliland. The highest mountains in the region are reaching over 2400 meters. It has a rich biodiversity of different plant species, birds and other animals. The scenic green mountain landscape and its many trails are great for trekking and spotting wildlife.

The Old City of Zeila

Zeila (Saylac) is a city on the Gulf of Aden in the North-western part of Somaliland. Throughout history the port of Zeila served as an important trading Centre for Arabic, Ottoman Turks and Egyptian rulers. It is believed to be Islams initial entry point into Africa. It is home to one of the first mosques outside the Middle East. The ruins of Zeila old city are an exciting cultural and historic destination. Just off the coast there is also an archipelago of six islands with sandy beaches, mangrove forests and incredible underwater world. Zeila is located near the border of Djibouti and is a long distance from Hargeisa.