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“Somaliland I didn’t explore true essence of this wonderful country. I knew that coming back I needed to make sure my experience was memorable. After much research in looking for a trusted travel agency, I came across ‘Somaliland Travel Agency’.

I visited their office and I came across two young men who work for this travel agency. Their names are Mohamed and Abdullahi. I explained what I wanted to achieve from my visit and they said I came to the right place! They planned my trip by breaking into 2 parts. So Far I have completed the first part of my travel. I have visited:

1. Abarso
2. Arabsiyo
3. Gabiley
4. Laws Geel
5. dhagax guure
6. Berbera
7. Sheikh

My experience after visiting these places was beyond my wildest dreams. Who would ever thought Somaliland would hold such gems! I was amazed by witnessing the Laas Geel kingdom which holds clear painting that are 5 to 10,000 years old! The Sheikh Mountain presented the most breath-taking views, where I experienced tasting the sweetest honey. Berbera endless empty, clean and tropical beaches that relaxed my mind, body and soul. Dhagax Gurre has the most majestic views of rocks that you wouldn’t believe are still standing till this day. Plus many more beautiful sites, the list could go on! The local people of Somaliland are so welcoming, especially when accompanied with my travel agents. The travel agents have built a strong trusted relationships with the locals. The local only had great words for the travel agency and were happy that I was experiencing Somaliland under their guidance.

This all would have not been possible without my travel agents Mohamed and Abdullahi. My time with them has been memorable and I can say I’ve gained a friendship with them. They articulated themselves so well and held impressive knowledge about Somaliland. Most importantly I felt safe around them considering I was alone.

For anyone who is travelling to Somaliland, please!do not leave the country without visiting Somaliland Travel Agency. Your vision of the country will change and the true beauty of this wonderful nation will leave you feeling amazed. I want to thank Mohamed and Abdullahi for making this happen and I can’t wait to explore the second part of my trip inshallah.

Somaliland Travel Agency are awesome!!! :)”


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