Top Notch Tour Guides! – Gary

“I booked a short two night/one full day touring quickie. Somaliland TA stood out because they got back to my queries quickly, and in perfect English which helped this American. Stayed in nice hotel, and all was on time in great vehicles, with great driver. No worries. Went to Las Geel rock drawings, a rough transit. They made it easy.”


Very professional Lac Abbé & Lac Assal tour – Julia

“Very professional and knowledgeable tour guide and superbe driver; we did the two day Lac Abbé – Lac Assal tour in Djibouti in October 2019 on very short notice and Somaliland Travel set it all up for us in a matter of days. Thumbs up for their customer service! The tour itself I can also highly recommend, especially in October when there are few tourists around.”


Great service and logistics arrangement – Fred

“Used Somaliland Travel Agency to arranged my tours in Djibouti and Hargeisa in Somaliland. The tours were great in these two locations! Special thanks to my guide Akram in Djibouti and Awale in Somaliland, they are great tour guides and Awale is an amazing driver. They are super accommodative and friendly. I have been in contact with Abdullahi who supported me in terms of planning. He is responsive and reply my email within 24 hours and very understanding as well. In Djibouti, I have visited Lake Assal and in Somaliland I have visited Las Geel. I felt safe when I was in Somaliland and really had a great time.

I recommend their service if you are planning to visit Djibouti and Somaliland !!”


Laas Geel, Hargeisa, Berbera – Thomas

“En rentrant de Djibouti, j’en ai profité pour passer 3 jours au Somaliland; L’agence a été super reactive est m’a proposé une excursion à Laas Geel, Berbera pour finir à Hargeisa. Le guide Abdilahi s’est mis en quatre et à repondu à toutes les questions et m’a vraiment montré tout ce qu’il y avait à voir; présence aussi du garde armé, mais à aucun moment je ne me suis senti en insecurité. Un peu cher quand meme et aurait pu etre un peu compacté, mais dans l’ensemble, rien à redire. Je recommande, en combinant avec un tour à Djibouti.”


Wonderful trip to Laas Geel – Gregory

“Abdullahi and Awale were both very responsive to initial emails, and helped fit me into a tight schedule. If I had more time, I would have loved to go to Berbera as well.

The trip to Laas Geel was great. Awale provided lots of background information on the cave art, and I learned alot about the history of the site and of Somaliland in general.

Somaliland is incredible, but it is virtually impossible to travel alone in the country. Somaliland Travel Agency opens up the country to visitors. The trip I took to Laas Geel was authentic and low-key, not the sort of “touristy” experience I typically associate with paid-excursions.

Overall, this is the company to contact if you wish to maximize your experience in Somaliland. Somaliland is a wonderful place, and its people have much to be proud of. I’m glad that I got to see Laas Geel, and only wish I had more time to see more of the country!”


Superb Service – Susan

“Having attempted to combine a journey to Ethiopia with one to Djibouti with a UK based agency I failed due to seeming disinterest on its part. This proved to be a blessing as I researched local agencies and happened upon Somaliland Travel.

The initial request was speedily answered and the detail made me select it from its competitors. All through the process I was impressed by the response time which was often almost by return. Help in obtaining a letter of introduction for the visa process astonished me. I asked one afternoon and received the letter the next morning.

Payment was clear. A deposit was taken by credit card or Paypal and the rest in zdjibouti in US dollars. The latter provided amusement as it was exchanged for local currency with a woman who touted a large money bag. Our guide had already phoned ahead for the transaction.

Our guide, Akrem, was excellent he took great care of us was punctual, knowledgable and friendly. He speaks a variety of languages and his English was fluent.

The trip was more than one to Lacs Abbé and Assal. He took in the geological highlights such as the point where the three tectonic plates are separating and pulling Djibouti apart. He also acted as a wildlife guide and we saw many species. We interacted with local villagers

Our driver was excellent. He made us feel safe. He knew the routes very well as he came from a village near Lac Abbé. His ability to drive on the rugged terrain was much appreciated.

Somaliland Travel offers value for money and great professionalism.”


Great experience – Patricia

“I only decided to visit Somaliland two days before travelling, and from the first contact with Abdullahi, the owner of the Agency, everything went incredibly smoothly. Although it was a busy season, Abdullahi responded immediately to my emails and I managed to join another person on his private tour.

I spent three days visiting Hargeisa, Las Geel, Berbera and Dhagax Khoure and everywhere we went the friendliness and openness of the Somaliland people was apparent. As a woman travelling alone, at no time did I feel in any way threatened or afraid and people were incredibly welcoming and hospitable, inviting us into their houses and to share their food. Awale, the guide is very professional and kind, and always made sure that I was looked after, especially when I was not feeling well upon arrival. Kasey the friendly guard accompanied us at all times, and throughout our trip Abdullahi was following up continually with Awale to make sure everything was going well.

I enjoyed every minute of my time spent in Somaliland and can highly recommend visiting Somaliland with Somaliland Travel.”


Day trip to Las Geel – Dimitri

“The dream came tru thanks to the Agency! They were extremely professional and I didn’t have to worry about anything, from transportation, to security, food, drinks and timing. I sent them email 1 week in advance to organize everything. They picked me up at the airport and took to the site. No words to describe how beautiful the Las Geel was, how safe I felt myself in the country. Only positive words and highly recommended if you’re searching for the new places and destinations off the beaten track.

Thanks to the Somaliland Travel Agency it all went smooth and easy. Thanks to Awale!”


Amazing experiences!! – Rogerio

“We had terrific experiences with the tours we did with Somaliland Travel. We took the 2 day tour to the Abbe and Assal lakes in Djibouti. Great staff, super helpful and friendly, and the structure they offer is of excellent quality. We slept in typical Afar tents on Lake Abbe and were able to see the wonderful sunrise the next day. Then we head to the lowest point in Africa on sensational Assal Lake. A remarkable and wonderful experience!”


Friendliest country (and guides) – Martin

“I had the pleasure of spending 3 days in Somaliland recently. Didn’t see any other tourists there which is very nice since it means that people are seriously interested in chatting and noone is trying to sell you anything.

I have traveled quite a lot all over the world but I think that as a whole, the people of Somaliland are the friendliest people I have met so far. There’s only so much to see and do there since the country is fairly small and not developed for tourism yet, but just walking around and feeling the vibe is a great experience. I spent 3 days: One in Hargeisa, one driving to Las Geel and Berbera, and one going back to Hargeisa and visiting Dhagaz Khoure.

My guide (Awale) and guard (Kaysee) were both very nice and I enjoyed spending my time there with them.If you are looking for a travel destination out of the ordinary (the country is not even officially recognized by the UN), I can definitely recommend Somaliland – and the Somaliland Travel Agency :-)”


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