Great for adventurous tourists, journalists and photographers – Benjamin

“I was certainly not an easy client – everything had to be arranged super last minute – but these guys handled everything with ease and incredible dedication!

About the Country: Somaliland is not for the faint hearted – you would think. The proximity to Somalia, both by name and by miles is somewhat scary. But in fact Somaliland and Somalia are totally different worlds. Compared to other African capitals Hargeisa feels quite safe and with these guys you can also feel safe traveling the country. Btw.: As of December 2020 you can get a visa on arrival (60$), the process is easy and the immigration officers at the airport are friendly. Check with the crew for Covid-Regulations – they always have the latest information and can guide you through the process. In December it was super easy though. PCR-Test before flying, rapid test on arrival – and you’re free to go.

About the crew: I was on a research trip in neighboring Djibouti and wanted to come over to Somaliland to do some interviews. And these guys organized everything over night. The contacts they have, the knowledge of the country and its history and the dedication to show the world that Somaliland is not Somalia – absolutely incredible! I’m pretty sure they can handle whatever you throw at them, any wishes, any special requests. But you can also just do one of their guided tours and know it’s gonna be a trip to remember.”


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