Amazing! Laas Geel, Dhaqax Guure, Berbera, Sheikh – Fatima

“Somaliland Travel Agency provided an excellent service and the most wonderful experiences. It was my first time visiting Somaliland and some of the greatest highlights came from this travel group. We were accompanied by Awale and Mohamed, both very friendly and knowledgeable about the culture and history of the places we visited.

We went on 2 excursions. First we had a day trip to visit Laas Geel where we saw the ancient cave paintings and then to Dhagax Guure, an area with beautiful rocks and scenery. We had plenty of time to explore and take photos. Even along the road trip, we stopped to say hello to locals and ask to hear stories from them.

The second trip was to Berbera which is on the coast of Somaliland and has a beautiful beach. Initially we wanted to do a day trip however in the last moment we asked to stay one night which Somaliland Travel Agency kindly agreed to. This gave us the chance to spend the day on the beach and enjoy a lovely dinner beneath the stars.

The travel group suggested we visit Sheikh (a town on the top of a mountain) the next day as it is nearby. This just so happened to be the birthplace of my mother who was with us so we were keen to go. It is a long winding road up the mountains which is known to be dangerous but we felt safe with Awale. The view were breathtaking and every moment was worth it. This was the first time my mother came back to her hometown and no words can describe how much we will treasure this moment.

Thank you to Somaliland Travel Agency for giving us the most spectacular experiences. We definitely recommend you!”


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