An amazing country with some of the friendliest people – David & Michael

“We spent 5 days in Somaliland. We crossed the land border from Djibouti which enabled us to get an up close view of life in Somaliland. It’s a long journey but worth the effort. Borama is an incredible little town with a great University. A highlight of our trip was to meet some of the curious students. One said “Welcome to Somaliland. Tell everyone we are friendly”Ancient rock carvings at Laas Geel are super cool and well preserved and the ottoman architecture in Berbera should not be missed if you are a photographer.

Our Somaliland Travel Guides in Djibouti a f Somaliland were top notch.”

David & Michael 

Amazing Somaliland and Somaliland Travel! – Michael

“No better way to discover this hidden, authentic gem of a country than with Somaliland Travel. From the high mountains near Sheikh, cave drawings of Laas Geel and Dhaqax Guure, and blue waters and beaches of Berbera, to the high speed (amazing internet) capital of Hargeisa, there is so much to see. Somaliland Travel took care of every details to make our tour of this unique destination seamless and comfortable. The food was memorable and delicious … don’t forget to try Somali tea and pancakes. Our guide Abdilahi was an excellent driver and host!”


Great for adventurous tourists, journalists and photographers – Benjamin

“I was certainly not an easy client – everything had to be arranged super last minute – but these guys handled everything with ease and incredible dedication!

About the Country: Somaliland is not for the faint hearted – you would think. The proximity to Somalia, both by name and by miles is somewhat scary. But in fact Somaliland and Somalia are totally different worlds. Compared to other African capitals Hargeisa feels quite safe and with these guys you can also feel safe traveling the country. Btw.: As of December 2020 you can get a visa on arrival (60$), the process is easy and the immigration officers at the airport are friendly. Check with the crew for Covid-Regulations – they always have the latest information and can guide you through the process. In December it was super easy though. PCR-Test before flying, rapid test on arrival – and you’re free to go.

About the crew: I was on a research trip in neighboring Djibouti and wanted to come over to Somaliland to do some interviews. And these guys organized everything over night. The contacts they have, the knowledge of the country and its history and the dedication to show the world that Somaliland is not Somalia – absolutely incredible! I’m pretty sure they can handle whatever you throw at them, any wishes, any special requests. But you can also just do one of their guided tours and know it’s gonna be a trip to remember.”


Amazing off the beaten track experience – Jan

“Had the most amazing off road trip in Somaliland Hargeisa-Borama-Zeila-Lughaya-Berbera-Laas Geel-Hargeisa.

The wonderful people from Somaliland Travel was able to arrange everything during my stay, even my PCR-test and some interviews with very prominent people.

Job well done”

Jan Tvernoe, Denmark

Amazing! Laas Geel, Dhaqax Guure, Berbera, Sheikh – Fatima

“Somaliland Travel Agency provided an excellent service and the most wonderful experiences. It was my first time visiting Somaliland and some of the greatest highlights came from this travel group. We were accompanied by Awale and Mohamed, both very friendly and knowledgeable about the culture and history of the places we visited.

We went on 2 excursions. First we had a day trip to visit Laas Geel where we saw the ancient cave paintings and then to Dhagax Guure, an area with beautiful rocks and scenery. We had plenty of time to explore and take photos. Even along the road trip, we stopped to say hello to locals and ask to hear stories from them.

The second trip was to Berbera which is on the coast of Somaliland and has a beautiful beach. Initially we wanted to do a day trip however in the last moment we asked to stay one night which Somaliland Travel Agency kindly agreed to. This gave us the chance to spend the day on the beach and enjoy a lovely dinner beneath the stars.

The travel group suggested we visit Sheikh (a town on the top of a mountain) the next day as it is nearby. This just so happened to be the birthplace of my mother who was with us so we were keen to go. It is a long winding road up the mountains which is known to be dangerous but we felt safe with Awale. The view were breathtaking and every moment was worth it. This was the first time my mother came back to her hometown and no words can describe how much we will treasure this moment.

Thank you to Somaliland Travel Agency for giving us the most spectacular experiences. We definitely recommend you!”


Fantastic Service and Great Overnight Trip to Lac Abbe & Assal – Karin

“I used Somaliland Travel Agency for an overnight trip to Lac Abbe and Lac Assal in Djibouti due to their terrific online reviews. I was not disappointed as the service I received was fantastic and the overnight trip a delight despite the basic facilities.

Akram waited for me three hours at the airport despite the length of time to get the Covid test upon arrival and took me to my hotel. The next day he and his driver met me on time at my hotel and took me for Covid testing so that I could leave the country. Akram was at the Bouffard Hospital at 6 AM to get me a good number so that when I went to the hospital at just after 8 AM I wouldn’t have to wait.

We then stopped at a supermarket for supplies and also loaded the fresh fruit and veggies the Lac Abbe camp operator sent down to the camp for my stay (we were the only guests but the camp sometimes hosts about a hundred guests during the busy winter whale shark diving season).

It was then about a three hour drive to the lunch stop at Palmyrie. Lunch was great–fresh veggies, rice and a chocolate crepe for dessert. They also have meat for carnivores and fresh fruit juices (drinks not included in the price of your tour).

While I had lunch, Akram’s driver had the tires checked and 4 WD field with petrol for the 3 hour drive across the dessert, about half on a very bumpy road to the camp.

We arrived just in time to settle in at the camp before a short drive to observe sunset over the signature rock formations from the lake (resulting from Ethiopian gaming activity). Planet of the Apes was filmed here these formations are so eerie.

It was then back to the camp for a shower (they have running water in the showers and real flush toilets) before another nice meal of chicken with salad and fruit.

The camp has two or three bed rooms, the bigger ones with electricity and a powerful fan that stays on 24 hours a day due to a generator.

We left camp at 5:15 AM the next day to see sunrise over the Lac Abbe rock formations, before an early breakfast.

We then had a long drive back in the direction of Djibouti before the turn off to visit Lac Assal–one of the lowest points in Africa and so salty the Chinese are just completing a salt factory there.

Akram was then kind enough to drive me to the two diving centers to book my weekend dives. the local dive center (Aqua Club) is not on Trip Advisor and I wouldn’t have known about it without Akram. I was very grateful to him as the live aboard dive operator o the Lucy had cancelled my trip at the last minute and thanks to Akram I was able to at least able to get some days of diving in Djibouti and see the whale sharks.

I then visited Mogadishu for a day and needed another Covid test certificate t leave Djibouti, which Akram helped me to arrange via his contacts in the airline industry. He even had the certificate delivered to my hotel, even though I was no longer his client at that point.

Akram also has Djibouti Sim Cards (they cost $3 US and another $3 US for 10 GB over three days). Since you won’t need the Sim after you leave you just pay for the $3 data. A really thoughtful service which I wish more guides would provide.

Abdullahi, the owner of Somaliland Travel is based in the Netherlands and is seemingly online 24 hours a day. Responses are that fast and always helpful and courteous.

I can highly recommend this agency and the Lake Abbe/Lake Assal Overnight Trip.”


Great experience with Somaliland Travel Agency – Adel

“I just finished a fantastic 10 day tour in Djibouti and Somaliland. I booked the tour on line with Somaliland travel agency. The experience exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend this company. Communication has been excellent, accurate and very timely. They delivered exactly what they promised. Further they have been very flexible, I have had to change travel plans because of the Covid issue and they responded very well, they adjusted the schedule to my needs. The tour guides in both countries have been nothing short of outstanding.

My number one priority in this trip was safety and I never felt uncomfortable. All the locations we visited were very secure and people were quite friendly. The 4×4 cars we used were quite comfortable and reliable, we did not experience a single breakdown. I very much enjoyed the scenery, culture, food and people on the trip.

Again I highly recommend Somaliland Travel Agency.”


Spectacular! – Bilan

“Somaliland I didn’t explore true essence of this wonderful country. I knew that coming back I needed to make sure my experience was memorable. After much research in looking for a trusted travel agency, I came across ‘Somaliland Travel Agency’.

I visited their office and I came across two young men who work for this travel agency. Their names are Mohamed and Abdullahi. I explained what I wanted to achieve from my visit and they said I came to the right place! They planned my trip by breaking into 2 parts. So Far I have completed the first part of my travel. I have visited:

1. Abarso
2. Arabsiyo
3. Gabiley
4. Laws Geel
5. dhagax guure
6. Berbera
7. Sheikh

My experience after visiting these places was beyond my wildest dreams. Who would ever thought Somaliland would hold such gems! I was amazed by witnessing the Laas Geel kingdom which holds clear painting that are 5 to 10,000 years old! The Sheikh Mountain presented the most breath-taking views, where I experienced tasting the sweetest honey. Berbera endless empty, clean and tropical beaches that relaxed my mind, body and soul. Dhagax Gurre has the most majestic views of rocks that you wouldn’t believe are still standing till this day. Plus many more beautiful sites, the list could go on! The local people of Somaliland are so welcoming, especially when accompanied with my travel agents. The travel agents have built a strong trusted relationships with the locals. The local only had great words for the travel agency and were happy that I was experiencing Somaliland under their guidance.

This all would have not been possible without my travel agents Mohamed and Abdullahi. My time with them has been memorable and I can say I’ve gained a friendship with them. They articulated themselves so well and held impressive knowledge about Somaliland. Most importantly I felt safe around them considering I was alone.

For anyone who is travelling to Somaliland, please!do not leave the country without visiting Somaliland Travel Agency. Your vision of the country will change and the true beauty of this wonderful nation will leave you feeling amazed. I want to thank Mohamed and Abdullahi for making this happen and I can’t wait to explore the second part of my trip inshallah.

Somaliland Travel Agency are awesome!!! :)”


Fantastic day trip to Hargeisa – Florian

“The Somaliland Travel Agency is highly recommended. Through the agency we have booked an individually arranged day tour in Hargeisa, capital city of Somaliland. Everything went perfectly – and our guide Awale was brilliant.

The experience: In February 2020, we, two friends from Berlin and Hamburg (Germany), traveled through Djibouti for two weeks. From Djibouti we spontaneously made a one-day trip by plane to Hargeisa: in the morning by plane from Djibouti City to Hargeisa, four hours sightseeing in Hargeisa, in the afternoon flight back to Djibouti City.

Booking and communication: We booked the Hargeisa sightseeing tour two days in advance from Djibouti through the Somaliland Travel Agency. Communication via email was quick and easy. Managing Director Abdullahi provided us with friendly, competent and good English advice via e-mail – and also provided excellent support with the entry formalities to Somaliland.

Guide: Guide Awale picked us up at Hargeisa airport on time and showed us the highlights of Hargeisa. Awale is a marvelous, outstanding guide – perfect English, very polite, highly informative and absolutely customer-oriented. We experienced a lot in the short time and learned a lot from Awale – and we were able to discuss the history as well as the cultural, political and economic present of Somaliland with him. Awale was more than a guide – for us he was like a good friend for a day and at the same time a fascinating ambassador for Somaliland. Thank you very much, Awale!

Hargeisa sightseeing tour: Hargeisa is one of the friendliest, most colorful, and at the same time dustiest big cities I’ve ever seen. Visiting Hargeisa is a unique, beautiful experience. The sightseeing tour that Somaliland Travel Agency arranged for us included all highlights such as the Civil War Memorial, the Central Market, the Money Market and the Saryan Museum. An off-road vehicle was available for the sightseeing tour, which Awale drove carefully through the lively city. The culinary highlight was a delicious lunch at the Fish & Steak House before Awale brought us back to the airport.”


Just what I wanted – Casie

“Somaliland was perfect! I told them the days I had and what I wanted to do and they arranged everything for me. Accommodation, food, transport and guides were perfect. I took over toys and clothing and we were able to hand them out along the way. Laas Geel was something I’ve wanted to see for awhile as the history nerd inside of me and they made this trip a memorable one.

I would highly recommend their professional service, contact and enjoyable time.”


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