Laas Geel Tour

Laas Geel

Laas Geel Tour is the most popular sightseeing site in Somaliland. It is a must see for every visitor in the region. It is located about 50 km outside the capital Hargeisa. In Somali language it means Camels waterhole. The paintings are remarkable colorful and until their recent discovery in 2002 completely unknown to the outside world. Dating back around 6.000 and 10.000 years they are believed to be one of the brightest and most well preserved cave paintings in the world. This is due to the dry climate and the shelter of the caves. Las Geel is the most significant Neolithic rock painting site in the whole of Africa. Nevertheless there is not much known about it and it remains one of the least reserached and visited rock art site.

Important note: The Ministry of Tourism wants to preserve the cave paintings and is allowing a maximum visitors. To avoid disappointment you need to purchase the entrance ticket in advance. By contacting us in advance we will reserve your ticket so you have the guarantee to visit this amazing site.

About the Tour

You will be picked up at your hotel in Hargeisa and transferred to Las Geel. Our guide will tell you all about the Neolithic cave paintings. There you will have plenty time to enjoy the art work and take pictures. After this you will be taking back to Hargeisa to your hotel.

laasgeel somaliland rock art

LasGeel Cave paintings

What you will get from us?

  • Pickup and drop off at hotel
  • Transportation with driver
  • SPU protection
  • Permission letters
  • Site entrance ticket
  • English speaking Guide

Laas Geel Etiquette

  • Please do not touch the paintings or anything inside the caves
  • Do not drink inside the caves and near the rockpaintings
  • Try not to get too close to the paintings. The humidity in your breath can damage the ancient rock paintings and damage the vibrant colors
  • Avoid using the flash of your camera

Book Now

Visiting Las Geel can be done in an one day Tour. You can include accommodation and combine the tour with other places. After this you can contact us for quotation and confirm your booking. Don’t wait any longer and reserve your spot by contacting us for a great visit to Laas Geel and more.