Lake Abbe

The Lake is located around 140 km of Djibouti City, in The South part of Djibouti. The area is filled with huge limestone chimneys that can reach up to 40 meters. The hot springs create smoke making the view surreal. The remote areas of Djibouti are usually habited by Afar people. You will find some local families in this remote and hot place.

It can be reached only by 4×4 WDL and with a local guide that knows the area. For visiting Lake Abbe you need at least two days.

Lac Abbe is home to salt flat, dormant volcano, and two wadis. It is a distinctive spot as it has got hot springs and flamingos. The lake is also the final destination for the waters of the Awash River. It lies at the Afar Triple Junction, the point where three pieces of Earth crust are tearing apart from each other. Seeing the sunrise around the arid landscape before the sun goes down is a surreal sight.

This grandeur Lake is a must-see site for every visitor in Djibouti. It has breath taking views, beautiful scenery, mesmerizing beauty spots and freakish weather. It is the uniqueness of this rarely visited spot in the Horn of Africa that attracts most people. The surrounding area is largely populated by Afar nomadic people with their distinctive culture. Because of the remote area there are very limited accommodation options. The traditional Afar huts at Lake Abbé are your best options. Especially if you want to spend the night and want to catch the sunrise the next morning.

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