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At Somaliland Travel Agency we use cookies. These are small files that we can put on your computer, phone or tablet when browsing our website(s). We use these cookies to improve your experience on our website. Some cookies are needed, but not always. We only use minimum cookies such as functional, statistical and social cookies.


More about cookies

Somaliland Travel Agency uses cookies when you visit and one of our sites . Cookies ensure, among other things, that you do not have to enter the same information each time you return to our website(s). This is very nice for you as a visitor. Cookies are also useful to us. They show us how our website is used so that we can make it even better.


This cookie overview was made in May 2018. We do our best every day to improve our website(s). For this reason it can happen that a new cookie is placed, which is not in this overview.


Functional cookies

To show our website(s), different techniques are used. This varies almost per page you visit. With these cookies we check if all techniques are still working. We also use cookies to improve the speed of our pages.


Statistical cookies

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, we measure how you use our website()s, how you found us and whether you run into errors. We use this knowledge to improve our site(s). Read here more about Google Privacy Policy


Social cookies


These cookies are placed when you visit our website(s) via Facebook. Also on our website a cookie from Facebook is placed, with which we can later show a relevant offer on Facebook. Read here more about Facebook Privacy Policy


Delete or disable cookies

Of course it is also possible to turn off cookies. However this might mean that our website(s) do not work optimally.


Do you want to know more about privacy at Somaliland Travel Agency? Please read our Privacy Policy.