5 Reasons why Somaliland should be on your list



5 Reasons why Somaliland should be on your list

1.  Safe, saver, safest

Somaliland has been a safe place for decades now. Not quite what you would expect if you hear the news about Somalia and other East African countries. In Somaliland you will not find pirates or terrorists. Instead you will find peace and you can even walk around in the middle of the night. For traveling outside the major cities you will however need a Special Police Unit (SPU) member. The Somaliland government has put the safety of foreigners as their priority while seeking for recognition. The bottom line is that Somaliland has proved to be a safe haven and a beacon of stability in a volatile region.

2. Unrecognized status

Looking for a complete off-the-beaten track destination to visit? How does it feels to have your passport stamped with a stamp none of your friends has ever seen? These things alone should be enough to pay a visit to this authentic region. Somaliland has been independent since 1991 but has not officially been recognized yet. Travelers will feel like uncovering an unique country and its culture rarely seen by others.

3. The people of Somaliland

When setting foot in Somaliland you will be welcomed by curious people. The majority has not seen a foreigner their entire life. Prepare to be warmly greeted and invited for Somali tea. Not to mention the many questions that these curious people will ask you while you are walking in the streets. Seeing people built their country without the help of the outside world is priceless.

4. Untouched beaches and beautiful mountains

Somaliland is blessed to have a long coastline along the Gulf of Aden. There are many untouched beaches and a lot of turquoise water to swim in. Take a boat tour in Berbera beach and spot some Dolphins along the way. In the Eastern region of Somaliland you will find mountains with a diversity of trees and plants. At some points on this mountains you can even overlook many kilometers of the Gulf of Aden.

5. Las Geel, The secret Rock paintings

This piece of art should get everyone excited. Dating back between 5.000 and 10.000 years Las Geel is one of the oldest ancient cave painting sites in Africa. The paintings are colorful, bright and in great condition. The panels are painted with people praying to animals. The cave is in a remote area and you will feel like being the only one discovering this amazing place.

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