10 Facts about Somaliland

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10 Mind-blowing Facts about Somaliland you probably didn’t know:

1. Somaliland gained its independence in 1961 back from The United Kingdom. This was even before countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe gained their independence.

2. Somaliland will be the first country to use Biometric Iris scanning voting system for elections. This is the most advanced voting register system in the world.

3. Malcolm X referred to Somaliland in one of his famous speeches back in the 1960’ies.

4. The country has no direct access to humanitarian aid due to its unrecognized status. The small aid that it receives goes through NGO’s who operate in the country.

5. HIV infection rate is lower than most Western countries and is one of the lowest in the world.

6. Somaliland has one of the cheapest mobile phone call rates in the entire world.

7. The last terror attack dates back in 2008 (almost 9 years ago). Since then the country has been able to maintain its peace and stability.

8. The British distance runner and World Champion Mo Farah is the most famous Somalilander to the outside world. He has a twin brother and his mother still lives in his birth town of Gabiley in Somaliland.

9. It has the highest percentage of mobile payment transaction in the world. Even Bill Gates admires Somaliland for being the frontrunner in this field.

10. The Government has an annual budget of only 295 million USD dollar in 2016. Most infrastructure projects are paid by the Somali community through fundraising.

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