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Somaliland Tourism Packages


Embark on a trip of your life time in a country that officially doesn’t exist. Undiscovered archaeological treasures, natural riches and beaches are awaiting. Upon your arrival you will be welcomed by proud people who have built their country after the war. Feel like a pioneer when visiting the fast growing capital Hargeisa and beyond. From nomadic families to cave paintings and Mountain villages. Somaliland has plenty to offer for true adventurers.


Somaliland Tailor-Made Tour (Code: HLB-00)

Let us know what places you want to see and we will come up with a tour that suits your needs. Anytime of the year, whether you are traveling solo or with a group, just tell us about your plans and we will help you create your perfect tour program. See below some tours that are popular among our clients.


3 Days – Somaliland Highlight Tour (Code: HLB-01)

The most popular tour for those visiting Somaliland. See the highlights of the country in a short time. Visit the central part of the country and discover the capital Hargeisa City, the incredible Cave paintings of Laas Geel, the beaches of Berbera Port and Sheikh Mountains in one tour. Click here for the program.   

Laas Geel GroupMigJetHargeisa Camel Livestock MarketBerbera Beach Somaliland


5 Days – Somaliland Highlight + Western Circuit (Code: HLB-02)

The Western circuit offers more cave painting sites that are accessible. You will also pass small towns that are known for their agriculture and nomadic life style. Click here for the program.

images Nomadic Somaliland


6 Days – Somaliland Highlight + Eastern Circuit (Code: HLB-03)

For travelers who have more time on their hands and want to explore the far East of the country. A drive through Burao all the way to the remote Sanaag region by 4×4 WDL. The green Mountains of Daallo are a beauty. Click here for the program  

Daallo Mountain Tour1534334_10153955656953397_9186998320546502226_n